When it comes to autism, the early it is detected, the better. Sadly, parents normally take long to determine autism in their child, overlooking all the suggestive signs. Experts suggest that parents are the first to know, provided they identify the symptoms closely, which is something your child’s pediatrician can overlook in a 20 minutes visit.

Here are the top ways to educate yourself:

-Keep an eye on your child’s development: One of the biggest signs of autism is developmental delays. So monitor your child’s emotional, social as well as cognitive milestones to assess an impending problem. Having said that, do not get alarmed if you see delayed milestones. It is not always autism, but could be a sign. Share your concerns with your doctor immediately.

-Don’t wait and watch: This approach can be really precarious. Parents are asked not to panic and wait and see how things turn out. Never fall for that. It is, indeed the worst thing you can do about the situation. If detected early, autism has a better chance for improvement. Your child needs immediate attention and help.

-Go by your guts: Every child specialist will tell you that you should trust your instincts when it comes to your child. Doctors can overlook or underestimate issues but if your instincts say something is wrong, do something about it. Take second opinion or go to a specialist.

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